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Build your own Litecoin Mining Rig, part 1: Hardware One of my finished plastic-crate mining rigs ltc miner hardware. They do consume a fair bit more power though, so you”ll want to upgrade your power supply as well (this 1250w Seasonic should support three 280X GPUs without problems). The PCI-E risers aren’t strictly necessary, as all 3 GPUs will fit on the motherboard without them. Please don’t attempt to buy any of the hardware recommended here—it’s quite obsolete. The motherboard simply needs to have enough PCI-E slots to host your three GPUs (if the recommended board isn’t available, here is another, or if you can’t find either ASRock, this Gigabyte board is a good alternative).

It’s also modular, which is really nice if you’re putting this together in a plastic crate like I recommend. You can substitute nearly any 7950-based GPU, but if you have a choice, go for the MSI or Sapphire cards. If you’re itching to build a rig ASAP and can’t find a 7950 or 280X, then you might consider the 290. The Seasonic that I’ve recommended is extremely solid and 93% efficient, which will help keep power consumption to a minimum. First, let’s take a look at what you’ll need in terms of hardware to put a respectable miner together.

So you’ve got nearly $1400 worth of hardware, but no place to put it, as I haven’t mentioned a case. The motherboard, CPU, and RAM are all relatively unimportant. I have the MSI card that I recommended in all of my rigs, but I’m told that this (and also this) Sapphire card is also a good choice ltc miner hardware.Enigma.
. You will also need a USB stick (8GB or larger, this one is fine) if you’re using Linux as your OS, or a harddrive (a cheap SATA drive of any size will do) if you’re using Windows. .


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